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This family's story begins in 1981, where Jack and Nellie Fletcher live on a council estate near Watford. When their teenage daughter Emma's affair with a married man is discovered, her parents send her to stay with her aunt and uncle, in Derbyshire, for her own safety. Her mother Nellie will do anything necessary to protect her daughter and the family’s reputation, but a decision she makes curses her family over the following 30 years.

A secret of birth and a tragedy breeds forbidden love, tearing the family apart, and a twist of fate brings yet another secret. But when the secrets are revealed, a hunt for a child to save a child reunites this broken family.

Emma's marriage to Lord Harry Cuthbert-Smyth is driven by her ambitions for wealth and success. Her serial adultery and a mistake she makes leaves a scorned lover waiting in the wings to seek revenge on her, risking everything she has sought to achieve.

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